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Ask anyone at TLSE and they will tell you: my hair is my THING. And not like, the thing I love and am precious about. It's my conscious spot, my "if I could change anything about myself" achilles heel. So any promise of a haircare brand that will, to any small degree, ease my frizzy, fine hair has my ears pricked up from the get go.

Enter new conscious haircare brand, My Soda. Their plant-based all-natural formula promises to not only tame my locks, but nourish my scalp. Targeted at three problem areas, the team have produced three varieties: SMOOTH, HYDRATE and CLEANSE. It's Aussie owned, vegan and cruelty free, and free from parabens, SLES and ALS, harsh detergents, petrochemical cleansers and mineral oils - tick, tick and tick.

Now as you all know, we love a bit of sustainability over here so not only was I paying full attention to the "anti-frizz" and "hydrating" mantra, I was also quite taken with the brand's waste-reduction mission. Did you know that on average, us Aussies use 130kg of plastic.... EACH?! 130,000 tonnes of which finds its way into our waterways. Not great! Hitting the shelves this month, My Soda addresses this issue with their clever refill packs, which are designed to reduce plastic waste by 80% - the first of its kind in supermarkets!

The brand has also partnered with REDcycle to ensure refill pouches can be upcycled through the return to store program at Woolworths.

“With sustainability at the forefront of consumerism right now, we’re so proud to bring a naturally plant based, affordable, and trend inspired haircare brand to Australian consumers, aimed at helping to reduce the environmental impact on our planet," says Elise Synnott, Marketing Manager at Natures Organics.

At just $10 a bottle and $12 a refill, how could I say no to this hair AND earth enriching product?! Find My Soda at your local Woolworths.


WORDS | Lucy Francis

IMAGE | Supplied



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