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If I told you a decade ago that one day soon you would be able to order a top quality mattress online and it would arrive at your front door in a box the very next day, well you probably wouldn't have believed me! But the future is upon us and, largely due to the reduced cost of shipping and by cutting out the massive markup of old-fashioned retailers, in 2022 the bed in a box phenomenon is arguably the modern Australian's preferred way to purchase a mattress.

There is no question that, whether you opt for online or prefer the traditional in-store method, purchasing a mattress is a big decision. Not only do we spend on average 26 years asleep during our lifetimes, but the quality of our sleep can greatly affect how well we function the next day. So, when Heidi Albertiri was selecting furnishings for Casita, which is often rented to holiday guests, she knew the mattresses she chose needed to be extremely comfortable and built to last, but also wouldn't break the bank.

The Eva Mattress is the first hybrid mattress of its kind. While most bed-in-a-boxes are foam only, hybrid mattresses incorporate pocket springs that improve longevity, breathability and pressure relief. This hybrid makeup promotes low partner disturbance, cloud-like comfort, is hypoallergenic and adapts to all body types. Comfort? Tick.

Heidi opted to bundle the Eva Mattresses with the Eva Timber Bed Frame, which is crafted with birch-ply and finished with American Oak giving it sturdiness whilst maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. The bed base comes disassembled and easy to construct with no tools required. The frame includes a headboard which can be removed, like Heidi did.

If you would like to sleep on an Eva Mattress for yourself, you can take advantage of their 120 day trial period here. Alternatively, you can experience both an Eva Mattress and Eva Timber Bed Frame at Casita by booking here.

WORDS | Emma Douglass



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