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Statistics show that the average Australian woman works around 70 hours per week. This is not including personal activities and life admin, which - grimly - indicates that women in Australia are currently lacking a certain level of “me-time”. Sound familiar, ladies?

Here's where Srsly Honey (and their Raw Organic Honey Face Masks) are stepping in, gifting us small moments for ourselves and alleviating the skin stress some of us experience on a day-to-day Their mission? To ‘bee’ a beacon of hope for all the women who are in need of some natural skin care.

Honey has always been considered nature’s golden elixir, with its use dating back for more than 4000 years. Raw, organic honey is a also a natural source of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents - it works wonders to cure problems within the body.

Srsly Honey is proven to help prevent pigmentation, restore nutrients, soothe redness, combat excess oil production and acne, hydrate and nourish the skin, refine the look and feel of pores, detoxify, exfoliate, plump and impart a radiant glow. Did you catch all that?

Incorporating the mask into part of a regular and holistic skin care routine can help people with all skin issues - including acne, ageing, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and fine lines and wrinkles.

It was by accident that Chloe McCormack (Founder), created the 10-in-1 face mask that allows for time effective relaxation for you and your skin. Whilst on vacation and applying all natural ingredients to her acne-riddled skin, Chloe was surprised by the natural glow that she created. And so began, the Srsly Honey journey.

Harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients have been grounded as a huge social no-no, and for a good reason. The natural products in Srsly Honey are effective and safe for all skin types; it's preservative- free and locally sourced with organic honey. Amidst the eternal juggle, the constant rushing and our work overloads, it’s important to remember to take time out and look after your skin; Srsly Honey lets us do this, and gives a little bit of time back for ourselves.


It might only be a little, but sometimes a little is all you need.


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