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Have you ever wanted to wake up, and just look like Mila Kunis? Flawless skin, vibrant and luminous hair? Well, there’s a secret to her beauty…Hair Rituel!

Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris is a new luxury haircare line launching in Australia, that is adorned by superstars globally. Carly Walters, Chad Wood and Ashley Streicher are a few of the celebrity stylists that use Hair Rituel for their renowned clients, some of which include Mila Kunis, and Jessica Alba.

The new product is backed by Sisley Paris; a brand of over 40 years of global expertise dedicated to phytocosmetology, scientific research, and innovation in the world of skincare, makeup and perfume.

Stress, fatigue, pollution and genetic aging are some of the many factors affecting both the internal and external health of our skin and hair. However, with the use of high-end technology, Hair Rituel by Sisley Paris is able to treat the health of the hair and scalp at the same time.

The real hero of this new range is the serum which is applied to the scalp, followed by the application of the hair oil. With its use of active fragrance ingredients, consisting of a concentration of essential oils, Hair Rituel not only illuminates and nourishes the hair but also allows for one to indulge in its natural aroma.

The new range is shown to be most effective, as the product is crafted with plant-based extracts, essential oils, minerals, vitamins, and proteins. This not only allows the serum to improve the density of the hair but also the health and appearance of the scalp, giving it a smooth and silky appearance.

Having achieved a cult-like status, as it has expanded its launch amongst other markets, including Europe, Asia, and the US.

With this new haircare line selling out globally within days and waiting lists being created for consumers, it is hard to deny Hair Rituel's effectiveness. We're in love.



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