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While there’s no time like the present to make change, the end of another year does provide the perfect opportunity to reflect, retune and restart. We asked the team to have a think about their 2020 resolutions, and the overarching theme for TLSE this year was very clear. Mindfulness. In our fast-paced digital world, we often forget to even remind ourselves to take a break and appreciate being in the moment — we’re too busy running from point A to B! The TLSE team is making a conscious effort to maintain a positive and healthy frame of mind by resolving to take some well-deserved ME time more often in 2020.

Never mind limiting yourself to unrealistic resolutions you know you’ll never be able to keep, or trying to completely reinvent yourself, let’s practice compassion and self care in the new year.

Take a deep breath and recharge for 2020.


Heidi Albertiri, Our Founder and All Round Juggler of Balls

Green smoothies and early morning swims to start the day. I might even come to work after 8.30 am!

Fiona, Brand, Social & PR Director

Move more and just do it! Remind myself I am not too old and it’s not too late.

Di, Content Producer

In 2020 I'm planning to keep it simple. I'm working on deciding what kind of life I really want... then saying 'no' to everything that isn't that.

Lucy, Digital Marketing Specialist

To be mindful - to take time to teach myself when and how to step away, take a breath, and reconnect with myself.

Xanthe, Art Director

Make more time for me; time to unwind and have downtime alone. Just sit and do nothing but relax in the present.

Alex, Social Media Manager

Take more time out, go to the beach, lots of walk and exercise!

Meg, Social Media Specialist & Graphic Designer

Put myself first more, and do what makes me happy.

(Also to learn how to ice skate, that one was for 2019 but didn’t get there!)

Helen, Market Coordinator

Read, move & nap more.

Eat, drink & play less.


WORDS | Rebecca Chu




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