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Is your scalp starting to suffer from all those last minute zoom meetings? If you're like us and guilty of gravitating toward the dry shampoo instead of washing your hair, we totally get you - so if you're hair is in need of some moisturising TLC, evo's hero hair cleansers are calling your name.

WFH certainly has had it's pros and cons - one being the tendency to reach for the last minute dry shampoo wash as opposed to hopping in the shower. This is great for saving time and minimising effort, but can really take a toll on your hair. That's why it's important to cleanse your hair from the product build up on your scalp so you can bring the bounce back into your much loved locks.

With the help of evo, we've found your perfect product for whatever your hair is in need of:

For dry, brittle and weak hair that is in need of moisture and a some TLC,  the therapist shampoo will both hydrate and bring moisture back to your thirsty looking locks. 

For colour-treated hair that is in need of some attention, look no further than the ritual salvation repairing shampoo. Colour-treated hair can be super prone to dryness and breakage, so this shampoo takes care of all the hard work in bringing hair back to life and protecting the colour while cleansing, repairing and strengthening your hair. 

For thin, flat, boring hair that needs some volume in its life, reach for your gluttony volumising shampoo, a 

product that will build body and texture, leaving you with full, bouncy locks without weighing your hair down. 

For frizzy, unruly, crazy hair that just can't be tamed, perhaps this bottle of mane taming fluid is for you. evo's mane tamer smoothing shampoo  will combat that frizzy, unmanageable mop of yours and pull it into line. 

For all my curly headed girls that need a deep clean to bring a hop, skip and bounce back into their ringlets, 

springsclean will be your new best friend. This shampoo will remove product build up, leaving your curls clean and hydrated, because dry curls aren’t useful to anyone!

Feeling overwhelmed and don't know which family you fit into? The normal person's shampoo is your perfect fit. This one is the ultimate traditional, deep cleansing shampoo that cools and stimulates the scalp by reducing excess oils - perfect for the everyday!

For all your hair needs - check out the collection here and skip out on those winter hair blues!


WORDS | Brittany Ross




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