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Coffee table books - Stay Casita

When it comes to lazy afternoons nothing beats lying around and flicking through the pages of beautiful books indulging in subjects that enable us to lose ourselves for a few hours. Inspiration is endless and takes us on a journey without ever leaving the house.

Casita has books from one end of the house to the other so there is an endless supply of daydreaming at your fingertips. The only problem is there is never enough time.

Here's our top pick of Casita coffee table books

1. Slim Aarons - Women

Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy... Photographer Slim Aarons was always drawn to women as his portrait subjects, especially the rich and famous women who frequented the luxurious holiday destinations that he loved to document. This glossy coffee table book, curated by writer Laura Hawk, who worked with the photographer for a decade, shares more than 200 images from his archive, alongside in-depth captions detailing the backstory of these unforgettable photographs. This hefty tome is a gorgeous housewarming gift for any design or photography fan, or will make an excellent addition to your own book collection.

2 . Italian Street food

Italian Street Food takes you behind the piazzas, down the back streets, and into the tiny bars and cafes to bring you traditional, local recipes that are rarely seen outside of Italy. Delve inside to discover the secret dishes from Italy’s hidden laneways and learn about the little-known recipes of this world's cuisine.

Learn how to make authentic polpettine, arancini, piadine, cannoli and crostoli, and perfect your gelato-making skills with authentic Italian flavours such as lemon ricotta, peach and basil, and panettone flavour. With beautiful stories and photography throughout, Italian Street Food brings an old and much-loved cuisine into a whole new light.

3. Ken Done

Ken Done is synonymous with the Australian aesthetic: bright, exuberant, and carefree. The artist and designer's colourful career has seen his trademark technicolour grace almost everything: canvases, scarves, t-shirts, logos, and even bed linen.

Ken Done: Art Design Life chronicles his impressive body of work, from his iconic Sydney Harbour paintings to fashion collaborations, and also his life at home. Get to know one of Australia's greatest artists with this vibrant volume.

4. Vogue X Music

Vogue has always been on the cutting edge of popular culture, and Vogue x Music shows us why. Whether they’re contemporary stars or classic idols, whether they made digital albums or vinyl records, the world’s most popular musicians have always graced the pages of Vogue. In this book you’ll find unforgettable portraits of Madonna beside David Bowie, Kendrick Lamar, and Patti Smith; St. Vincent alongside Debbie Harry, and much more. Spanning the magazine’s 126 years, this breathtaking book is filled with the work of acclaimed photographers like Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz as well as daring, music-inspired fashion portfolios from Irving Penn and Steven Klein. Excerpts from essential interviews with rock stars, blues singers, rappers, and others are included on nearly every page, capturing exactly what makes each musician so indelible. Vogue x Music is a testament to star power, and proves that some looks are as timeless as your favorite albums.

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