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OK we know we can't be the only ones who think this whole doomsday prepping thing has gone WAY overboard. I mean...empty shelves at the supermarket where the TOILET PAPER, and SIMPLE CARBS usually live?! As in, the ESSENTIALS AND STAPLES FOR GENERAL LIVING?!? Come on, you guys!!! If you're a stingy shopper like me and eat pasta a minimum of once a week, (and hear me when I say: MINIMUM) you'll understand the severity of this situation.

If there's one thing we've learned working at TLSE, its this: in the midst of hysteria and/or chaos all you can really do is laugh. And we do a LOT of laughing here. Take from that what you will.

So, in light of this, we've each come up with the number one essential item we'd each take if we had to suddenly go underground/MIA/onto a deserted island/into quarantine.



Just one thing? Now that is packing lightly!

I'd love to take my boys, (that’s husband, child, and of course Pablo and Louis the dogs), but I am pretty sure that being on a deserted island with just me would drive them bonkers.

So, if it could be only one thing then I would just take a good linen sheet and my pillow. That way it could multi-function as the comfiest bedding that I could sleep under the stars with, a shelter, a wrap, a picnic blanket, a skirt, a's endless! Plus, I would always be ready to style any situation!


Well at first I thought that answering this would be easy...of course, I would take Ben (my youngest son), because he would keep a smile on my face and keep everyone entertained. Then I thought about the fact that I hate my hands and feet feeling dirty so I would take some wipes...but that is a bit daggy and Mums-y.

So, now I think I would take a bottomless bottle of sparkling mineral water, and a notebook and a pencil, so I could dream and write and draw the days and nights away.


For me, my initial thought was my dog, Arlo, but then I started thinking about how tangled, sandy and knotty his fur would get (he's a Mini Schnauzer so I'm talking beard, eyebrows, leg floof - the works) and I ain't dealing with that without a brush or sink to wash him in.

So, in light of this, I think I would have to download the entirety of Spotify onto my phone (well, not EVERYTHING, but a LOT - including podcasts). Music and podcasts are kind of like having someone to talk to, but they don't answer back, which is both a good and bad thing. Oh - also, this phone has endless battery (so I guess it's not an iPhone).


I would take some Invisible Zinc SPF 50+ Mineral Sunscreen - because the sun out there (I imagine) will be intense and don't want to end up all wrinkled and weathered on this beautiful island. Plus, I may as well work on my tan while I'm outside and not at work!

Also - being "Invisible" Zinc - it would also mean I could sneak along a second item to this island because no one will see that I have it!! If this is the case I would love to take a boat - ideally a yacht - so all the amenities are included onboard :)


I think I would bring a nice sturdy couch.

Perfect to make forts/shelter, relax on, and maybe I could even rig up some sort of raft to escape!


I’m going rogue here – I would bring a personal chef.

At first thought I’d go for comfort, maybe a mattress or some sort of marquee for protection from the sun or rain. A (very) small part of me thought practical, maybe a knife. But, after much thought and contemplation, I’ve settled on a chef! Just the right person to really utilise the land and most importantly feed me because I love food.

(OK - I think Meg is the winner here.)

What would your number one item be?


WORDS | Lucy Francis, TLSE




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