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With so many of us joining the #WFH movement (TLSE team included) or just generally doing our part to socially isolate by staying home, we're going to need to get a bit creative with how we spend our down time (so we don't all lose our minds)!

Thank your lucky stars, 'coz TLSE resident chef, Douk Konstantaras, is back with some seriously drool-worthy recipes for you to use up some of that food you've stocked up on (and now don't know what to do with!).




Flathead or similar white flesh fish

Corn tortillas

Charred corn Pomelo segments

Diced avocado

Finely sliced Spanish onion

Mexican spice mix

Coriander leaves

Mint leaves




CUT the fish into portions that will fit into the tortillas

MIX 1 Tbs spice mix into 1/4 cup olive oil

COAT the fish pieces to marinate and place in the fridge for 1-2 hours

CHAR some corn on the bbq and remove the kernels

COOK the marinated fish in a non stick pan with a little olive oil, turning after 3 minutes

COOK for the same amount on the other side

MAKE the tacos by placing the fish in the tortillas followed by the corn, diced avocado, pomelo segments, Spanish onion, mint and coriander leaves

FINISH with a squeeze of lime



PHOTOGRAPHY | Janyon Boshoff STYLING | TLSE's own Heidi Albertiri CERAMICS AND PROPS | Table Manners



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