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How do you feel today?

What could you do for yourself today that would have you feel like you love and appreciate you and your needs?

You know the drill.

Make a list.

Notice when you are being too harsh with yourself.

Your natural state is love.

Pay attention to your thoughts, self-talk and how you speak about yourself to others. Listen to the words you use to express in your head and out loud.

Do your words, thoughts and actions reflect love compassion, forgiveness and/or patience?

Look for opportunities to soften your heart and allow the love to flow. Do you speak or think of yourself like a loving friend or a critical parent?

What did you notice?

What is something that you say to yourself over and over? How can you turn that thought into a positive statement or affirmation to bring about a change?

Treat your body with love and respect

Do you mistreat and abuse your body by ignoring what you know will help you to feel vital, vibrant, and alive?

You might ignore when you need to eat, rest, exercise, eat healthier, take breaks, pamper yourself, and meditate.

Do you withhold love by choosing to do things that might negatively impact on your health and well-being? Do you prioritise your self- care? Look for ways to honour your body, mind and spirit.

What are some things you noticed? What things can you do to change this? How will you do it? What is your commitment?

Do something every day that brings you pleasure.


Every day.

What makes you feel good and brings you joy that is positive and uplifting? Pamper yourself and do things that make you smile? When you value yourself by doing loving things consistently, your life will be much happier and everyone in your world will reap the benefits.

What did you do today?

Commit to the relationships in your life that lift your heart and feed your soul.

This does not need to be a romantic relationship, although it could be. It is about reconnecting with people from a more open and thoughtful place.

Look for opportunities to be more engaged with the people you love.

Ask for help, and allow them to love in return by being there for you when you really need support.

Allow the natural flow of love to be both given and received.

Engage in daily spiritual practices to connect you with your “Essence” and Divinity.

Acts like prayer, contemplation, inspirational reading, walks in nature, affirmation and meditation opens our heart to be in loving communion with who we really are and God/Source/Higher Power/Spirit/The Divine (whatever you believe), as we walk though life’s challenges and blessings.

Cultivating the relationship with The Divine invites us to look at life through the eyes of love – to embody love within ourselves and those who’s lives we touch.

What did you notice?


Everyday I encourage you to get into the habit of sitting with yourself for at least 15 minutes a day. Find a quiet place somewhere you love, by the pool, on a sofa overlooking the beach, a garden or at a local café, and give yourself the time and respect of just being with yourself. 15 minutes.

Get to know yourself again.

This is an excerpt taken from Heidi's 'Live your life on purpose' eBook.



Words | Heidi Albertiri, TLSE Editor

Photography | Eepeng Cheon, Jared Rice, Milan Popovic, Priscilla du Preez and Levi Xu on Unsplash



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