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Despite shaky ground, we've loved watching the ways in which our fellow small biz friends have been adapting and pivoting alongside us to stay ahead of the curve (both the pandemic and the trend curve!). Keeping clean and supporting local and small businesses are two things that are more important than ever right now. What if we told you you could combine the two? We've curated our top rated hand sanitisers that will look and feel great on your hands and in your home!

Maison Blanche

Established in 2013, Maison Blanche is a home fragrance brand located in Sydney that blends high quality essential and natural oils to create evocative and sophisticated fragrances for you and your home. Made and designed in Sydney, Maison Blanche has recently released a new hand sanitiser range using the World Health Organisation's recommended formula. Not only does it kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, the sanitiser is enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E and sweet almond oil, so you can nourish and soften your skin while keeping it squeaky clean! Lightly scented with blended fragrance oils, the sanitiser comes in a sleek glass bottle or squeezable tube - so it looks just as great as it feels!

Available in both sprays and gels, the sanitisers are great for both when you're on-the-go and when you're chilling at home! The sprays are available in a refreshing Paperwhite & Clementine and soothing Sea Salt & Thyme, and are perfect for keeping around the house. If you're looking for something that's easy to take with you when you do leave the house (hello grocery shopping...!), the gels come in cool Cucumber & Mint, sweet Rose & Amber, punchy Peony & Peppercorn and a citrusy Grapefruit & Rosemary - so there's something for everyone!


In collaboration with OCD (Otter Craft Distilling), our friends and Precinct 75 neighbours, Saardé, have released a new hand sanitiser that looks as great as it feels! Not only does this sanitiser keep your hands clean and hydrated (and is of course made according to the WHO formula), it's infused with lemon myrtle, so it'll keep them smelling great as well! Made right here in Sydney and available to pre-order now, you can sanitise your hands while supporting two small Sydney based business - win, win!

When not producing hand sanitiser, OCD hand crafts Premium Whiskey and Vodka made in small batches in Sydney. Blending tradition and innovation, OCD uses traceable ingredients and barrels to creating premium, authentic spirits. (Definitely worth a visit once iso is done and dusted!)

Archie Rose

Known for their unique signature range of distillery spirits, Archie Rose has pledged to help bolster sanitiser supplies nationwide by releasing the Archie Rose Hand Sanitiser. The liquid based formula is, again, based on the WHO and Australian Department of Health Guidelines, and is made with the same 100% natural botanical distillate ingredients used in Archie Rose's Gin production.

Not only is Archie Rose committed to helping the community supply of sanitisers, they are committed to helping those affected in the hospitality industry by employing staff to enable the production of the sanitiser. Made in Sydney, Archie Rose's new hand sanitiser is the perfect excuse to support local business, with every purchase helping Archie Rose keep their team employed.

Hand sanitiser has become more necessary than ever, so why not support local business in the process? Keep it clean and stylish, and check out our top rated hand sanitisers for more info!


WORDS | Brittany Ross



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