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What if we told you that you could go and live somewhere far, far away, rent free, for an entire YEAR? Yeah, we know. We didn't believe it either... almost.

Yep, everyone's favourite online destination, Airbnb, is hosting a diverse set of 12 individuals to become official "testers" and live exclusively in any one of their listings for a year. You'll even get listing suggestions, local experiences and more. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

The program has been inspired by the increasingly blurred lines between living, working and travel (thank you COVID!). In fact, between 2019 and 2021, the number of stays that are 28 days or longer increased by 10%, 11% of long-term stay customers in 2021 reported living a nomadic lifestyle, and 74% of customers across 5 countries said they wanted to live someplace other than where their employer is based after the pandemic is over. Turns out being restricted gives you a serious travel bug - who knew?!

So set up your Zoom meetings beachside, snuggle up in your tiny home, or pack the fam in the car for the road trip on a lifetime. Whatever your getaway wish may be, it's Airbnb's command.

The only catch? You've gotta give Airbnb some data. But we think that's a pretty small ask compared to the rewards you'll get!! Through this program, participants will provide real-world insights on features, services, and the experience of living nomadically, that could help shape the future of long-term living on Airbnb.

"This is a unique opportunity for Aussies to be selected for a once in a lifetime year-long trip. Whether you’re a family who’s always dreamed about taking the kids on a farm stay adventure across rural Australia or a sun-seeking beach-lover who wants to spend the next year waking up in beautiful tropical north Queensland, this program aims to give 12 lucky people (and their companions) ultimate flexibility when it comes to blurring the lines between living, working and travelling.” Susan Wheeldon, Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand

Interested? We thought so. Head over to and submit your application.


WORDS | Lucy Francis

IMAGES | Supplied by Airbnb



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