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Heard of Cycology? If you haven't - you're in for a treat. Cycology Club is a fitness studio specialising in rhythm riding, designed to give riders a natural high.

Rhythm riding works by riding to the beat of the music in sync with the rest of the class, with upper body movements and choreographed weight tracks that strengthen and tone muscles (need we say more?). With low lights, loud music and buzzing energy. This studio feels more like a night-club than a gym, with audio visual technology that will leave you convinced you didn't just do a spin cycle workout.

The Mardi Gras Parade and Festival will certainly look different in 2021, but importantly, it allows us to come together and celebrate by placing a spotlight on the full programme and purpose -which is often trumped by the parade and closing party. - Says David Finnimore Founder of Cycology Club

This year, Cycology Club is hosting Mardi Gras themed exercise classes, so you can celebrate, even if Mardi Gras does look a little different this year. Situated in Surry Hills, the studio features 35 Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes and a climate controlled temperature - with the entire studio built off of three core values: mindfulness, meditation and mobility (M3).

This year's theme is RISE - we rise together through love, compassion, respect and understanding of which will be the main focus of our classes – where we make sure your spirits rise again! And of course we will bring the fun being THE ONLY CLUB OPEN this Mardi Gras with a number of theme rides, live music, collabs and tickets to some of the official exciting events in support of this year's calendar. - continued David

WHERE: Cycology Club, 350 Bourke St, Surry Hills

WHEN: March 6th and March 13th

So, grab your exercise gear and celebrate Mardi Gras in a healthy and invigorating way (even if it is a little different this year).

Sign up to a class here - happy spinning!


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Cycology Club


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