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Festoon lighting brings an instant party, all year round.

At TLSE we are all about creating a mood for life. As stylists, designers and content creators we set the scene for things to happen - we paint a picture for businesses to grow from, lifestyles to flourish, and fun to be had. The OG party planners, that’s us - and we want you to get in on the game. Here, we part with one of our little decorating secrets...

Our wonderful clients bring products to us and we create a look that suits their aesthetic, but there’s one element that crosses all boundaries of lifestyle, brand and medium - correct lighting.

"It may come as a surprise that the secret to creating a welcoming scene absolutely anywhere is in getting the lighting right."

Lighting might be crisp, sharp and edgy in a contemporary product shoot, or moody and delicious with shadowy depths for an editorial feature, or perhaps simply a burst of unfiltered, natural light flooding through sliding doors in a newly renovated kitchen. The right lighting makes the whole space work.

In winter we snuggle up inside and even in a party setting tend to dash from indoors to the outdoor fire pit at a frantic pace which separates, rather than enhances the link between zones. A practical solution and fabulous feature for parties that works all year round is festoon lighting.

Stringing up a few lines of festoon lights from a pole or between trees means you have an instant party and you may never want to take them down. With the two-fold effect of functional and ambient lighting, it’s a wonderful way to create instant mood in an outdoor area and helps to hide beneath a warm glow a multitude of sins that fluorescent bulbs do their best to highlight.

Connect spaces and direct foot traffic around your outdoor areas with strings of lights along fences, overhead or zig-zagging their way from here to there. Festoon lights are super cheap to rent or better still, buy your own set so that when the party's over you can leave them up - so you can simply flick a switch for an instant party every night from here to eternity!


Words: Diana Moore TLSE

Images: (top to bottom) Philip Moore, Patrick Tomasso, David Pennington on Unsplash



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