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Winter is most definitely here and we're a little excited as it means drawing on a brand new colour palette for our homes. We look at South Australian My Sister & The Sea and Tasmanian Captain's Rest for some moody winter inspiration, drawing inspiration from the natural environment for earthy and soothing tones for the cooler season.

Located in Lettes Bay in Straham, Tasmania, Captain's Lodge brings us all the wintery hues we love. Think deep greens, blues, and greys. Quite simply, the colours within the cottage reflect the harmonious natural environment of the landscape seen out its windows.

The interior of the cottage is a mix of old and new pieces throughout, from the oil paintings and vintage velvet to brand new (and highly treasured) In The Sac linen and locally crafted furniture. Owner and Stylist, Sarah Andrews, is very passionate about honouring the essence of place and time in an interior - a good lesson for us all. When decorating and gently tweaking your interior with the seasons, whether that be through colour or furniture, look at your home's history. An older home needs to be treated differently to a clean and minimal modern space.

My Sister & the Sea is a charming white weatherboard cottage along South Australia's coastline, which retains a distinctive Swedish aesthetic. Owners and sisters Emma Read and Sarah Hall have added the unique tones and texture palette of Marion Bay into the colour palette of the interior, another example of drawing inspiration from the landscape.

The interior of the cottage includes nature-inspired tones such as straw-coloured grasses, navy seas, the sage greens, and linen coloured neutrals. To complement their environment, Emma and Sarah introduced oil paintings and whimsical treasures alongside large daybeds, linen bedding and vintage glassware.

This year’s soft, earthy winter tones in neutrals, muted greens and gentle greys provide a reassuring connection with nature, and we're embracing them tenfold!


WORDS | Hande Renshaw

IMAGES | My Sister & The Sea and Captain's Rest by Marnie Hawson



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