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It's never been more important to reconnect with Mother Nature, even in the smallest of ways. Iittalia's upcoming ceramic collections Nappula and Ruutu reflect the sentiments of supporting and nurturing nature, allowing new roots to flourish in the intimate spaces of your home.

The collection's design is grounded in Nordic values, which celebrates a close relationship with nature through immersion and connection. Infusing your living space with greenery not only creates a harmonious ambience, but also enhances wellbeing by purifying and reducing air dryness, lowering stress levels, and increasing focus and productivity.


A classic yet modern simplified form, the Nappula collection represents the strong Nordic design language typical of designer Matti Klenell.

The unique hourglass signature silhouette of the Nappula planting pots was derived from an old table in the Nuutajärvi glass museum, inspiring Klenell with its odd, large, rounded feet.


The ceramic Ruutu vases are hollow casted and hand finished, undergoing a very careful and meticulous production process to ensure perfection is achieved with each item. The simple, perfectly symmetrical configuration seeks to bring tranquility to its surroundings.

Iittala's brand new ceramic collections Nappula and Ruutu are launching in February and April respectively, and will be supported at launch with a gift with purchase of thyme and basil seed packets. How cool!

Keep an eye on Iittala's website for more information. Available also in selected David Jones and Myer stores nationally.


WORDS | Rebecca Chu


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