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As we dive deeper into spring we've been getting sweet hints of summer. Warmer weather calls for a refreshing cocktail and we've discovered our new favourite aperitif to rival the humble Aperol. Pampelle, the world's first ruby red grapefruit aperitif, was made for long afternoons with the added bonus of instantly transporting you to a holiday in France - oui oui! Ripe ruby red grapefruits are hand-picked in Corsica, infused with high quality citrus, blended with beautiful botanicals, and finally refined in cognac on the banks of the River Charente. The result is a crisp artisanal contradiction of bitter-sweet citrus and natural botanicals - are you thirsty yet?

Pampelle has shared some refreshing summer recipes with us that we think are sure to stand out at your next summer get together! These recipes are being created at leading Australian restaurants including Bennelong, Quay, Felix, and North Bondi Fish to name a few.

Pampelle Spritz

2 parts Pampelle

3 parts Prosecco

1 part Soda Water

Add plenty of ice to a large wine glass, pour in the measured ingredients and lightly stir. Garnish with a wedge of Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Pampelle & Tonic

1 part Pampelle

Top with Tonic Water

Build over ice into a tall glass and garnish with a slice of Ruby Red grapefruit.

Pampelle Negroni

1 part Pampelle

1 part Gin

1 part Vermouth Blanc (sweet)

Build over ice into a tall glass and garnish with a slice of Ruby Red Grapefruit.

Enjoy a beautiful day in the sun with a Pampelle cocktail and live la belle vie.

Discover Pampelle at Dan Murphy's or Liquorland.


WORDS | Sheena Quick

IMAGERY | Pampelle



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