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Maria in Pistachio photographed by Chris Chen.

Reminiscent of an Italian summer, interior trends showcasing imperfect shapes, bright colours and hand painted designs have been gracing our insta feeds and the glossy pages of home design mags for some time now. Australian design team RUBBLE introduce painted shades to their collection of handmade lamps, inspired by monolithic symbolism, natural history and roman treasures from antiquity.

Dusty in Cherry photographed by Chris Chen.

The shades are available in four colours — PISTACHIO, BUTTER, CHERRY & DENIM. I'll take one in every colour thanks!

RUBBLE is the mergence of ideas from a family of creatives, Jerrie-Joy (Food Stylist), Max (Broadcast TV Producer) & Gillian (Architecture & Design.) Their designs are conceptually informed, using a playful and unrestricted imaginative process.

Betty in Butter photographed by Chris Chen.

Lamps are handmade in Adelaide, Australia in aerated concrete. A long-lasting sculpture, the designs serve as timeless, functional art with both playful lightness and fierce personality all rolled into one.

The shades are hand-painted, allowing for spontaneous and unique variations. It's so great to see Australian design emerging in the marketplace like this calling us all to attention.

Ava in Denim photographed by Chris Chen.

You can purchase RUBBLE's sculptural lamp bases and customise your selection with whichever colourful shade you'd like here.



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