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Even though the rainy weather hasn't exactly made it feel like summer, October is coming to a close and the warmer months are officially here. Don't get us wrong - we love salty locks after a day at the beach as much as the next person, but sometimes the balmy afternoons turn into humid evenings - and with that comes... FRIZZ (spooky, we know).

Humid days often lead to a LOT of hair products in an attempt to control flyaways and frizz, and these products can build up if you're not careful! With Halloween almost here, your hair is probably getting ready to see a lot of product (and we don't blame you - we're right there with you). But fear not, we have the ultimate solution for cleaning up the mess your Halloween-inspired hair will leave you with.

Let evo take the stress out of removing all of that backcombing and hairspray this scary season, and wash it out with their gentle, non-stripping, cleansing shampoos. With something for every hair type, evo has created formulas that do the hard work for you - all you have to do is wash and rinse!

If you have...

Using a bunch of products in your hair can dry out your scalp, so a traditional deep cleansing shampoo that cools and stimulates the scalp is perfect for removing any excess build-up and product still hanging around after the weekend.

dry hair

If you spent your weekend backcombing your locks, they might be feeling a little brittle. The therapist shampoo is the ultimate hydrating shampoo that is sure to bring that moisture back into your life, and get your locks back on track to looking and feeling as silky as ever.

For all our curly-headed girls that need a deep clean to bring a hop, skip and bounce back into their ringlets, springsclean will be your new best friend. Say goodbye to uncontrollable curls and embrace your natural hair to its full potential.

If you need...

For colour treated hair that is screaming for attention, look no further than ritual salvation. Split ends really are a thing of nightmares, so rid your hair of any nasties and bring it back to life.

If your hair is looking a little crazy and unruly after Halloween, let evo's mane tamer combat that unmanageable mop of yours and pull it into line.   

Don't let your Halloween hairstyle hang around after the party, and give your locks some much needed TLC.


WORDS | Brittany Ross




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