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10 ways to settle in and make the most of social distancing

Lucy’s blog post about Doomsday prepping got us thinking about what’s really important on our essentials list to get through life. In these uncertain times, we’re all starting to take stock and ruminate on what two weeks of lock-down at home looks like.

We like to think we’ll all be OK and aren't afraid to tackle a few things in the home "too hard" basket. Here’s what we’d be doing…

1. Cooking

Two weeks without eating out or ordering in?? It’s time to revisit all of your cookbooks. Let’s all eat our feelings, working our way through the old favourites, the new-but-haven’t-even-opened-them, or the one from the kids’ preschool fundraiser (great for simple recipes using pantry staples).

Grab a bunch and pore over them, noting down recipes you want to cook. Do a pantry deep dive to see what you can create and take your time - make your own pasta, roll out gingerbread, slow roast vegetables before adding them to hearty soups or bake everything into generous pies.

2. Craft

OK, hear us out on this…craft can mean anything from woodwork, to lino cuts, to macrame plant hangers, to finally painting that bookshelf. Dig out all the projects you’ve started without finishing or the kit you bought at the end of a weekend workshop. Grab the kids, get your hands dirty and get creative!

3. Cleaning

No, we're not joking! When was the last time you turned an entire room upside down?! Rearrange furniture, pouffe the sofa, finally run that extension cord around to the lamp in the corner and cull your book collection (see #1 above before you chuck all your old cookbooks). A change is as good as a holiday and since it might be some time before we can fly to our dream destination, why not create your own haven at home?

4. Bingeing

“Now we’re talking!”, we hear you exclaim, and of course this is where most of our minds head directly after hearing the words, “self-isolation”. Remote ready, steady, go! Has anyone ever reached the end of their watch list? Now’s your chance.

5. Online shopping

Don't go crazy - we could be in lock down for some time! This is, however, a great way to support local businesses who may be missing out on sales due to reduced foot traffic, cancelled markets etc. Seek out your favourite shops and makers on social media and tap into their messaging and online offering. Engage, explore and get the jump on your gift shopping or winter wardrobe.

6. Clean out your wardrobe

Speaking of wardrobe, the time is just about right for a seasonal declutter and what better way to use time stuck indoors than by pulling out all of your clothes and giving your wardrobe an overhaul? Store summer pieces in blanket bags, set aside for donation anything you didn’t wear all year and fold and organise what remains. Remember to assess your socks, smalls, accessories and active wear in the process.

7. Listening

The. Whole. Album. Get your vinyl on, rack up a stack of covers, pop on your noise-cancelling headphones and lie back with your hands away from a device and resting gently on your abdomen to soak it all in. If analogue anxiety ensues or you are turntably-challenged, an extended playlist or podcast session is acceptable. Note: eye closing is encouraged.

8. Cards and board games

Ahhh, the Game of Life. Get comfy, surround yourself with snacks and settle in for a day of good clean fun. Choose your weapon: Monster Monopoly marathon, ‘Risk’ world domination, killer Canasta or a "best of five" Cluedo competition. Sit down with the kids and build the biggest Lego city ever. Break all the rules and leave it set up for a whole week to build on everyone’s imagination and encourage daily play.

9. Organise your photos

Overdue for a photo cull from your phone? Trawl your camera roll, ditch the double-ups and upload the best images to the Cloud. Sort into albums by date and choose a bunch for printing. Check out online design and print studios that produce custom albums. Back up everything on your computer while you’re at it!

10. Breathe

Yoga, meditation, afternoon naps or nothing at all. Take some quiet time to reconnect with your breath and your body. Take a bath or download a meditation app... or combine both! Give yourself a pedicure or simply choose a room and engage in some serious solitude.

What’s your plan for lock-down?


WORDS | Diana Moore TLSE

IMAGES | Brina Blum; Elle Hughes; Angelina Litvin; Kolya Korzh; Thibault Penin; Charles Deluvio; Sarah Brown; Andrei Bocan; Randy Fath; Joao Silas; Zen Bear Yoga; Robin Benzrihem on Unsplash



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