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The universe speaks to us through signs and symbols.

It could be a repeating number, a song on the radio, bumping into someone you’ve been thinking about, seeing a tattoo or a billboard with a specific phrase. These experiences are sometimes so bang on that it makes us feel like Jim Carrey on the Truman Show!

Have you ever been stuck in traffic or had a flight cancelled only to think later ‘that was a lucky turn of events’? Sudden changes of plans can be a way that the universe protects us from things not meant for us.

Signs and symbols are those things that feel more than simply coincidence. You know it’s a sign when your arms tingle or you get that feeling in your gut and you just ‘know’.

So how can you cultivate more signs and symbols from the universe in your life?

ONE Ask a direct question, or ask for a specific sign TWO Pay attention, and be open to receiving THREE Don’t overcomplicate it, or get lost in trying to work it out.

If you are confused, simply ask for another sign.

And what should you do when you get a sign?

Sometimes I stop and say a little thank you in my head. Thank you for showing me I’m on the right path, or reinforcing that decision I’ve been mulling over, or sometimes just a simple thank you that I’m supported.

We have the choice to believe that everything is random, or we can believe that we are here to learn lessons and have experiences that help us evolve into the truest possible versions of ourselves. If you believe the latter, then signs and symbols can be a serendipitous way to show you the next step forward or simply a way to let you know you’re protected and on the right path.

Signs and symbols are everywhere. We just need to be present enough to see them!

WORDS, Rachel Crethar of Rock & Co



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