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Based in regional NSW, The Design Paddock is a unique interior design and decorating company revamping the interior landscape for people in rural locations. At the core of the business, the philosophy to create natural, uncontrived spaces is rooted in the collaborative work that the The Design Paddock conducts with local and metropolitan architects, landscapers, builders and artisans. The bespoke designs that the The Design Paddock prides itself on are products of the entire project process, with a strong commitment to true authenticity.

"Our focus is on capturing timeless and tailored aesthetic approach to not only create functional and highly considered spaces but present a genuine reflection of the client’s personality, lifestyle or brand." - Katrina Garrett, Co-founder

Co-founded by two creative minds, The Design Paddock was designed with rural and remote areas in mind. By utilising local services and skills, business partners Katrina Garrett and Millie Alison are committed to creating a positive impact on the rural communities they work within by transforming homes, restaurants, pubs, wineries and accomodation into spaces people love.

“Both country girls at heart, we love that we are able to provide rural clients access to our design services and suppliers." continues Katrina Garrett

Check out their online store for their services plus a bunch of beautiful homewares, books and art.


WORDS | Brittany Ross IMAGERY | The Design Paddock



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