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Do gifting right (for your loved ones and the planet) this Christmas.

We’ve curated a list of gift ideas that come from ethical and sustainable brands.

As Christmas rolls around for another year, it's important to be mindful of the brands you're supporting when purchasing Christmas presents. And it's safe to say reusable products are definitely trending this year and will be at the top of many Christmas lists.

All this being said we spoke to a few different brands, including Cotton On Foundation and Upcycle Studio, to find out how we can all gift ethically this Christmas.



The Cotton On Foundation is promoting their gift-giving initiative for another Christmas. Helping local communities in Southern Uganda, this year's Gifts That Count initiative has a range of enamel pins each representing items that changes lives of children in need, starting from $5.

$5 - Provides learning materials and sanitary items.

$10 - Provides clean drinking water and vaccinations.

$20 - Provides meals and healthcare for mums and bubs.

$100 - Provides a bike for children to travel to school.

The perfect gift for a family member, friend or Kris Kringle, Gifts that Count also gives customers the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile cause.



Upcycle Studio sell upcycled homewares and gifts, and also naturally sources sustainable products, reusable items that minimise single use plastic consumption and Australian handmade products that support local business.

We had a chat to the guys at Upcycle Studio and got you their Top Five Tips for Gifting Ethically:

1. Support small/local businesses/makers rather than large retail chains and shopping malls.

2. Purchase reusable and eco friendly items that encourage others to ditch single use plastic and make positive changes.

3. Buying quality over quantity, give thoughtful/useful items in classic designs that will last rather than cheap things that will break after a few first uses or date quickly and be discarded as soon as they're no longer on trend.

4. Reuse your wrapping paper from year to year so you always have a stash you can use for gifts or even better wrap creatively with scrap paper. You could even wrap things in a handkerchief, bit of fabric or a scarf that someone can then use afterwards!

5. Give experiences rather than physical products.


Here's some more gifts for your loved ones ,from brands that are also sustainable and behind a good cause:

Oxfam are a worldwide brand that work to relieve poverty stricken countries.

Zen Botanics create all natural beauty products, cruelty-free, using reusable packaging.

Satara Living produce sustainable furniture from natural materials that are locally sourced.

Lush Cosmetics fight against cruelty, and promote preservative - free cosmetics.

We hope you're inspired now to purchase gifts this Christmas that will

make a difference.



Satara - Dining Chair

Curated by,

Rhiannon Lewin (TLSE Content Creator)


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