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The weather is warming up, we have a spring in our step, and the seasons are changing right before our eyes. With this change in the air we reached out to the experts to see what are the most popular bunches of the season ?



Hamblins Flowers have been working along side TLSE for a while now with their regular flower contributions and insights into the world of flowers. Our favourite little Maroubra store is tiny and full to the brim with botanicals and vessels that work perfectly in any seaside home. Victoria and Alysia the founders met over their garden fences and have never looked back.

Their flower pick: Flannel Flower. A simplistic and minimalistic furry, spiderlike flower.

The flannel flower blooms in both pink and white.

You can follow Hamblins flowers on their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Photography provided by Hamblins Flowers



Floreat is Latin for "to flourish", which is what Jane Lampe and her team 'are doing in Jane's beautiful hide-out-full-of-flowers in Darlinghurst'. The store is inspired by Lampe's childhood in a flower overflowing garden. She uses locally grown flowers from in and around Sydney whenever possible. Visits to exclusive Floreat's are by appointment only.

Jane's flower pick: The White Anemones Flower. They are eccentric in their simplicity and match any decor.

They bloom in white, purple, red and pink.

You can follow Floreat Floral on their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Photography by Elise Hassey

Photography by Elise Hassey



Sophia Kaplan Plants & Flowers is Sydney based, however Kaplan also works in Paris and around the world. She offers plant and floral styling for events, weddings, editorial and commercial projects, as well as taking photographs and writing about 'gardens, flowers, travel and design on The Secret Garden Blog', as well as being the co-author of Leaf Supply. Kaplan loves collecting and arranging, capturing 'little snapshots of the weird, wonderful and enduringly romantic natural world around her'. 

Sophia's flower pick: The Hellebore. For its delicate, shy, colourful, and speckled petals. These flowers are totally on trend with the hues of the season.

They bloom in pink, mauve, green and deep wine stained colours.

You can follow Sophia Kaplan Plants and Flowers on their Website, Facebook, Instagram and The Secret Garden Blog.

Photography by Luisa Brimble

Image by Sophia Kaplan


Created and Written by Taylor Musa TLSE

Special Thanks to Hamblins Flowers, Floreat Florals, and Sophia Kaplan Plants & Flowers.



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