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Sick of spending all your time indoors like us? Make the most of the crisp autumn weather, soak up the remaining rays and get outdoors! Being creatives, our team has often found that walks alone (sans technology if you can bear it!) is often when inspiration hits, and also give us some well-deserved space to work through whatever is going on in our otherwise busy brains. So whether you're looking to clear your mind and enjoy some alone time, or catch up with a friend or two (from 1.5m apart of course!), it's always a good idea to head outside and get some fresh air. With restrictions starting to ease a little bit, why not make the most of the beautiful weather and get moving?

Exercising can be an easy way to break up your day and great way to get your endorphins up, and if you're like us and itching to get out of the house, we've got you covered. Here are our favourite walks to enjoy while we're socially distancing and beyond!


If you're looking for an relaxing stroll, Balmoral beach is the place for you. With scenic harbour-meets-beach views, the turquoise waters will have you feeling like you're still in summer! With wide pathways and plenty of beach, there's more than enough room to enjoy your walk without compromising your social distance from those around you. If you're looking for something super refreshing and are feeling daring enough to brave the chilly water, it's also a great spot to go for a quick dip!

Barrenjoey Lighthouse (Palm Beach)

If you're wanting something a bit more challenging but still leisurely, the Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk at Palm Beach is a great walk. With a lot of uphill action, you can work your legs (and butt!) and take in the breathtaking scenery at the same time. Even though cooler weather is on the way, the walk is about an hour long so be sure to bring a hat and slap on some sunscreen to keep protected from the sun.

Spit to Manly

If you're really looking to feel the burn, this 4 hour walk is calling your name. Although it's relatively flat, the distance can be a killer on this one - but don't worry, the scenery will certainly keep you occupied. This is the perfect walk to dedicate your morning to, and is a great way to get off the couch and get some cardio in. With plenty of yummy places to eat in Manly, you can treat yourself to a well-earned, delicious lunch on the beach when you finish!

Narrabeen Lakes

For a long, relaxing walk - Narrabeen Lakes are the spot for you. With a flat and mostly paved pathway around the entire lagoon, this walk is great for strollers, and minimal ankle-spraining potential! With an 8km radius, this walk is a leisurely stroll that will be sure to clear your head while keeping you occupied with the scenery. This track that's wrapped around the lake can be walked or run, and is large enough for you to maintain your distance from those around you.

Staying active and switching up your scenery is so important, and can make a massive difference to your headspace. If you're starting to get a bit bogged down by all the time spent at home, getting outdoors give you the breath of fresh air you need in more ways than one. Forcing yourself to step away from the computer, phone or T.V. and digitally disconnecting might just be the detox you need - especially since switching off from work-mode has become harder than usual!

Keep your days from blending together and start planning your next walk!


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Unsplash



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