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Let’s face it, some of the ways we take care of ourselves aren’t particularly glamorous.

We’re talking sweaty gym hair and rushed exercise routines after work - and these things, although great for us, aren’t always aesthetically pleasing.

This is where our friends at La Porte Wellness come in with their stylish, wellness studios.

The La Porte Group have announced the launch of their concept space La Porte Wellness, that encompasses Australia’s leading innovators in pilates, yoga, wellness, beauty and skincare.

They have redefined the way we view wellness and work life balance, by creating a one of a kind luxury complex that includes world class reformer and mat pilates studios in an architecturally designed, Scandinavian style space, that enhances a sense of mind, body and spirit connection.

La Porte Wellness offers luxurious self care with infrared sauna studios to create a state of inner bliss, leaving everyone feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Too often health brands focus on only one aspect of your wellness. La Porte provides a complete overhaul of the mind, body and spirit in a completely luxurious way.

The pilates and yoga studios are equally as beneficial. The benefits of doing pilates and yoga are endless especially when there’s a stylish studio on offer at La Porte. Pilates and yoga can both lead to leaner muscles, improved posture, decreased stress and increased blood flow just to name a few. Regular practice not only benefits your body, it’s also good for your brain. Focusing the breath maximised the flow of oxygenated blood to your head, increasing memory performance, concentration, creativity and focus.

La Porte Wellness has also launched the "Wellness Collective" that includes regular guest contributors to the space that specialise in meditation, yoga, boxing, kinesiology and healing massage. Also on offer is a wellness menu for its guests and permanent residents, that includes detoxifying juices and teas from Orchard St., and a delicious wellness menu designed by renowned plant-based chef and restauranteur, YOUENI.

La Porte Wellness is paving the way for luxury innovation and space design, by creating a wellness revolution of like-minded brands coming together in one space to create a state of luxury and wellbeing that has not been experienced before.

We can't wait to visit.


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