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The Life Style Edit founder Heidi Albertiri goes back to where it all began.

If you think blogging is a thing of the past, think again. Starting your own blog as a component of your online offering remains the most effective way to engage your audience and grow your customer base, on your terms.

TLSE fangirls may remember back when we started as a pretty little blog that was my brainchild for a creative business, now morphed and changed over time to grow into the content agency that is The Life Style Edit in its current form.

Why your business needs a blog

I’ve always kept my finger on the style pulse - thriving on what’s hot and happening in the world of design - and I love nothing better than to share all the beautiful and stimulating things I come across. In my work as a lifestyle and interiors stylist, the blog was a vehicle for me to highlight what was exciting me both locally and internationally, and to seek out the new. It’s what drives me as a creative and I hope that won't ever change.

“We started with a blog as a way of connecting with people.” Heidi Albertiri Founder, TLSE

By creating unique imagery with the beautiful products we were working with, then sharing it on our blog, it was a way of getting information to people really quickly. Design trends, colour, features…it also drove collaborations and allowed us to give added value to brands we were working with.

It became a portal for us to share content that we were creating from product shoots, but soon encompassed anything from political issues to things close to our heart. It aligned us with people who thought like us.

“I feel like it gives us a voice. It’s not just me any more - it’s the girls too. The whole team feeds into it now. Whatever we’re into and where TLSE takes us, we can share it on the blog.”

Down the track we considered dropping the blog because it was taking so much time and energy, but we found it adds so much value to our offering and we’ve never been able to let it go. So many people find us via the blog, then find their way into the rest of our business - it’s almost the first step.

Why write a blog?

Once you have built up a body of content on your blog, you’re able to leverage it on other digital platforms such as social media and with an EDM campaign.

From a business perspective, blogs are good for:

  • SEO

  • Giving back to your community

  • Sharing your story

  • Positioning you as an expert

It’s up to you what you talk about and what form your blog posts should take, however there are a few key things to remember:

1. Know your audience

Target your readers in a way that drives more business to your brand. Your business strategy should outline who your target audience is and your blog posts should speak to that audience.

2. Keep it relevant

Check your information for accuracy and stay on topic. Ask your audience for suggestions of what they’re interested in knowing, either on social media or by inviting them to leave comments at the end of your blog posts.

3. Keep it simple

Keep the delivery of your message short and to the point to ensure your audience remains engaged. Use headings, numbered lists (known as “listicles”) and where possible include plenty of beautiful images and/or diagrams to illustrate your point.

4. Keep it regular

Set yourself deadlines to create content. Build blog posts into your work plan so you achieve a regular publish date and have fresh content your audience will look forward to. Work out what fits your schedule and stick to it.

5. Keep it real

Stick to subjects you know and in which you are confident in sharing information and ideas. Your blog post should be stimulating, well researched and concise.


WORDS | Heidi Albertiri

IMAGES | TLSE; Lum3n on Unsplash



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