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Home is where many of us retreat to unwind and relax. Scent Australia Home sets out to elevate the ordinary and create unforgettable experiences. The magical thing we love about scents is how they have the power to inspire or instantly reveal our most treasured memories. The sweet scent of Frangipani transports us to Hawaii. The grounding scent of sandalwood reminds us of wandering through the sacred temples of Bali. The fresh scent of Cherry Blossom is reminiscent of Japan.

Scent Australia Home's Dream Oil is the perfect scent to create the ideal atmosphere for daydreaming. Filled with top notes of blood orange and grapefruit, floral middle notes of rose, jasmine and lilac, all rounded out on a base of warm amber, incense and vanilla.

Where scents like Miami or New York effectively whisk you away to cities around the world, Dream oil lets you escape, letting your mind drift and travel wherever it pleases. Use their oils with their beautiful Wood Diffuser, to create your signature home scent.

If you're looking to breathe some new life into your home, why not try giving your space a new feel in a different way than just changing the furniture?

This is your invitation to daydream with Scent Australia Home. Explore their collection here.


WORDS | Sheena Quick



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