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“A tidy home with the absence of clutter frees the mind and creative spirit to enjoy the better things in life.”


If your housekeeping mojo has tended somewhat towards hibernation in the chaos of the holiday season, break free of the clutter collected in your home and put a virtual broom through every room.

Here’s how to declutter for the new year in 5 easy steps.

1. Collect and cull

Take stock of each room in turn by grabbing a basket and removing all of the items that have collected over time - paperwork, reading material, toys, shoes and clothing. Bring to a central area for sorting. Donate unwanted items.

2. Wash and fold with love

Wash forgotten treasures and restore or donate. Launder any items that need a refresh and give out of season shoes a scrub and stand in the sun to dry and disinfect.

3. Store with care

Take the time to create adequate storage for everything that needs to go away in the off-season. Blanket bags, baskets and boxes can all help to keep things organised. Store like-with-like and label everything carefully.

4. Clear and clean surfaces

As you reclaim your storage and surfaces, vacuum and wipe everything clean with a soft, damp cloth freshened with the addition of a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil.


5. Style it up

Rejuvenate your spaces to reflect the changing seasons by rotating vignettes on your mantelpiece, bookshelves, coffee table and kitchen island with a newly curated display of your favourite items. Add a little greenery into your living space with Iittala's new ceramic collection for a refreshing and tranquil vibe.

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WORDS | Diana Moore, TLSE



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