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Has the dry winter weather left your skin feeling a little unloved? If you're in need of a remedy, Ellus & Krue might be just what you are looking for! Formulated in collaboration with Cancer and Anti-ageing scientist, Professor Derek Richard, Ellus & Krue is a scientific skincare brand built on the combination of science, balanced with natures actives.

Researched, developed and made in Australia, Ellus & Krue's products are entirely Aussie owned and operated, and the biz owners also work with other local businesses from time to time. All active ingredients found within the products are carefully sourced and only the best options from industry-leading suppliers around are included. A portion of every sale by Ellus & Krue is donated and will support cancer and ageing research being conducted at the Cancer & Ageing Research Foundation in Queensland. Not only is this brand great for your skin, the charitable nature behind it means you can do something good for others while treating yourself.

Our pick - EPI-gN Serum (The Hero Product)

This serum is a MUST if you're suffering from inflammation or irritated skin. The serum dramatically reduces inflammation that can sometimes be caused by topical creams, and is perfect for reducing redness and noticeable irritation.

At the very core of of the serum's formulation is the trademarked EPI-gN technology designed by Professor Derek Richard - resulting in a product with active ingredients tested to ensure they have a positive outcome to complexion in reducing the signs of ageing. The EPI-gN technology repairs and revitalises your skin by delivering active ingredients to the cellular level (cool, right?), made with antioxidants designed to deeply penetrate and support cell renewal to assist skin barrier repair. By reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this serum is perfect for keeping that youthful glow from the inside out. The serum is also designed to calm redness and dry or irritated areas - so if your skin is looking a little prematurely aged or sensitive, this could be your holy grail!

Whether you've been looking for your ultimate skincare saviour, or simply looking to revamp your skincare routine with something new - search no more!

Check out more about the serum and other Ellus & Krue products here - happy browsing!


WORDS | Brittany Ross

IMAGERY | Ellus & Krue


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