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We know all you social savvy guys and gals would have seen Instagram's new Reels feature floating around. And in answer to your question - yes, it is Instagram's (slightly cheeky) answer to TikTok. Basically, Reels allows you to create and edit together 15 seconds worth of video. Pop on a filter, add some music, stickers, or text and away you go.

Well, we know it's not QUITE that simple. We were initially a little flustered trying to navigate our way around it. So if you have the sensation that you're blindly feeling around in the dark trying to figure out both a) how to use it and b) if it's worth it, then read on.

So, let's start with a quick how to.

SWIPE left while on the IG app to get to the stories tab

HAVE A PLAY with the features on the side (pick a song, select a speed, choose an effect)

SET THE TIMER - divide your 15 secs up however you like, this will depend on your content!

START filming!

RESET your settings or choose new ones for your next clip

ADD add text or stickers once you've finished filming by flicking back via the arrow on the bottom left (you can have text showing for only some of your video if you prefer!)

WRITE a quick caption (include a couple of hashtags) and add to your choice of Reels and stories and/or on your feed

SHARE away!

But are Reels for you?

We'll be honest, we haven't seen the Reels trend take off quite as quickly or fervently as TikTok, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not worth doing. When Instagram Stories were first released, it took a while for reluctant Snapchat users to migrate over to the new platform, and there's a high change that we will see the same trend play out for Reels.

Aside from the slight lack of population on Reels, there's a lot to be said for leading the pack rather than following it. Get in early, master the art so that when every one else jumps on board you're already miles ahead. Reels creates an opportunity to connect with your audience and leaves room for discovery by potential audiences, so why wouldn't you take it?

We can't wait to see what you guys create, keep an eye out on our Instagram while we keep learning and exploring ✨


​WORDS | Lucy Francis, TLSE



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