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I think it's safe to say this is definitely the summer of spiked seltzers. We've seen them popping up at our local bottle-os for the past couple of months, and we're definitely not mad about it. If the promise of warmer weather excites you as much as it does us, you might be ready to jump aboard the seltzer trend train.

100% Australian made and owned by Sydney locals, the VACAY Alcoholic Seltzers are the ultimate combo of light, crisp and clean flavours - perfect for pretty much any summer afternoon. Available in Pure, Raspberry, Lime and Kakadu Plum, these seltzers taste as good as they sound - and with vegan ingredients and only 62 calories per can, you can enjoy them guilt free! So whether you're spending the day at the beach with your favourite pals or looking for something to bring to an afternoon barbecue at a friend's place, VAYCAY Seltzers are the ultimate addition to any occasion, and will have you counting down the seconds to the weekend (even more than you already do)!

If we didn't love them enough already - VAYCAY are giving new meaning to "good times" by creating a 'Drink for a Cause' initiative - where VAYCAY donates 10% of all profits to Cure Cancer.

Show some support while spending your summer sipping on these light and refreshing spiked seltzers. - win win!



WORDS | Brittany Ross


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