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The TLSE Summer Tee

“Vacay”  is our very first limited edition

TLSE Summer Tee. 



I jump at any and all chances to change up my hair, and getting a call from TIGI to do exactly this, was no different. Naturally a dark brunette, I’ve spent the better half of 2018 in phases of platinum, soft violet, and highlighter yellow, and as such my hair has become a little fragile along the way. Luckily I was sent to see Senior TIGI Educator, Jacqueline Pidd, who managed to refresh my regrowth without damaging my hair.

Flattering to all skin tones, the must-have shade for Winter 18' is pink blonde; and after a consultation with Jacq, we created a beautiful, soft, peachy-pink blonde look from their Copyright Colour collection. I love the idea of Copyright Colour - instead of being premixed cookie-cutter colours, this range puts the power in the hands of the colourist, to creatively mix the perfect shade for each client. We chose to make a Marigold Apricot root smudge, with a pale Blossom Blonde seeing me through to the tips.

Jacq patiently and carefully did the scalp bleach, applied the beautiful colour, and cut a textured baby fringe and new bob. I left the salon as a peachy cream dream, and am so grateful to Jacq and TIGI for their expertise and talent.





I love TIGI products, for manipulating my hair without causing any damage. Plus, they are all beautifully designed! I am a sucker for great packaging, and have always admired the creativity of TIGI and their branding.

HEADRUSH Shine Spray

This is the perfect final touch for all hairstyles! This dreamy spray gives your hair a polished gloss, without looking oily.

AFTER PARTY Smoothing Cream

My hair has been so damaged from previous bleaching (before I saw the masters at TIGI!) - as such it needs a little extra love, and this is the product to do it. It conditions and smooths, leaving hair frizz-free and feeling soft. This was also one of Jacqueline’s favourite products, and after one use it's easy to see why this cult product has been a TIGI favourite for so long.

SMALL TALK Volumising Cream

This cream smells like candy heaven and is addictive from first use! I love this for giving my fine hair shape and texture after washing, and to refresh my style again the next day.

SUPERSTAR ‘Queen for a day’ Thickening Spray

Baby, I’m a Leo; so with a name like ~Queen for a Day~ I was already sold ! This spray conditions while it thickens, giving my locks life while keeping them intact.


For more on hair care with TIGI, visit their website to find your favourite product.

WORDS | Lucy Alcorn

PHOTOGRAPHY | Lucy Alcorn and Zali Albertiri


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