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Vinnies has long been a go-to for scoring fabulous pre-loved fashion and home goods at a bargain in the pursuit of circular fashion and enriching our community, we are so here for it! Vinnies NSW has just launched an awesome campaign, offering those who have struggled during this crazy year a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a creative, supportive and rewarding environment. The Shop Squad campaign's goal is to encourage the youth of NSW to volunteer at their local Vinnies shop and develop new skills, boost their career, or receive job training to add to their CV.

Coming out of an extremely challenging year, many of our youth are looking for jobs or have finished university without the experience to jump into the workforce. Vinnies NSW Shop Squad campaign gives back to these enthusiastic young workers, offering new opportunities and encouraging them to meet like-minded souls, discover some pre-loved treasures, and give back to the community.

The perks...

Get creative with killer shop displays and visual merchandising - perfect for those itching for retail experience or are keen to dive into a creative industry!

Learn on the job skills, such as pricing and tagging items, organising stock, sorting donations, shop maintenance and customer service - perfect for hospitality and retail workers looking for some additional experience to add to their resume.

For the passionate environmentalists - become a crucial part of Vinnies ever-evolving recycling and pre-loved goods business.

Work alongside like-minded souls in a supportive environment - teamwork truly makes the dream work!

Make a difference for people in need, while giving back to your local community - Vinnies shops raise nearly 30% of funding for Vinnies homelessness and support services.

If you are someone or know someone interested in making a difference in their own lives and their communities, learn more and join the Vinnies Shop Squad here.


WORDS | Sheena Quick

IMAGERY | Vinnies



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