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Social media... it's a slippery sucker. In fact, I reckon the only consistent about it is its ever-changing nature. So when you're juggling a million other things, trying to keep up with your business front to back, taking calls, sending emails, *deep breath* managing your team, managing yourself (!), organising sales, services, events, how can you possibly be expected to keep up with managing your socials too!? Well, here's the thing - you're not expected to, and you don't have to!

At TLSE, social media is our bread and butter. Or rather - it's my bread and butter, and maybe the rest of the team's jam (get it?). Every single day for me is filled with research, analytics, copywriting, image sourcing, tone of voice refining, trend chasing and snapshot taking. And unlike you amazing business-runners (I honestly don't know how you do it), that's what I get paid to do, all day, every. single. day. I know first hand how much work running an effective social media account takes, and that sheer amount of work is exactly the reason people like me exist.

So what IS social media management? Well, it looks a little different everywhere you go. But here at TLSE, it's a whole bunch of things that size up and down depending on two things: your needs and your budget. We're not cookie cutter in our approach, we know that just like us as humans, every business is unique.

On a base line, we always include:

  • An onboarding process to get you started - usually this involves industry and competitor research, a peek into your analytics and demographics so we can determine best practices and principles, some goal setting, a content plan, hashtag research unique to you, and recommendations from which to move forward.

  • A number of feed posts per week - this is made up of your own brand content (which we can also take care of for you!), inspo imagery sourced by your account manager to build your brand story, and graphic tiles created by our design team - these are mirrored on FB and LinkedIn too!

  • A refresh of highlight tabs and bio - we want to really spruce up your feed, first impressions count!

  • Community management - this is so important when it comes to getting results. Replying and reacting to comments, interacting with brands and following likeminded businesses. We dedicate time to getting this seemingly mundane (but very vital) process out of the way on your behalf.

  • Reporting and analysis - aka the holy grail of progress. How can you tell if you're improving if you don't track it?! We are all about accountability and versatility, so each month we have meetings with our clients to determine what's working, what's not, and where to go next.

  • Optional stories - stories are super important 'coz they mean you're always at the top of people's minds (and their feeds). If you can afford 'em, add 'em!

So there are the basics... but there are a TONNE of agencies out there offering those points, so why should you choose us above anyone else? Well, we like to think that our own brand is the little bit extra we add. The sprinkles on the ice cream, if you will.

Allow me to explain. Your win is our win, so for every single one of our clients, we shout out about them as loud as we can on our own social platforms, we include you in editorial pieces, in our stories AND in our eDMs. How's that for a promo boost?


WORDS | Lucy Francis



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