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One of the benefits of working in a smaller team is being able to work across a variety of things and gain exposure to different aspects of the business that would typically be segregated between roles in larger companies. With bridging the gap between creative and business at the core of TLSE, we strive to offer a big agency experience with the intimate, small agency feel.

We aim to create a relationship where our clients are able to get to know us inside out, the same way that we do them - we want to be as transparent and "on the same page" as possible! With this in mind, we thought to ourselves - what better way to give you some insight into what makes us tick than a good ole' Q&A? In this mini-series, we'll cover everything from what each of us do in a typical day, all the way to managing our time and responsibilities.

First up in our series, we have our very own lady-boss: Heidi Albertiri. At the helm of TLSE, Heidi is our passionate, conscious curator and leader with her infamous "popcorn brain". The brand represents everything that Heidi stands for - beautiful imagery, information sharing, collaboration, travel, food, people and connection. At the heart of everything we produce is Heidi's ability to find beauty in all that she sees, with a commitment to creating considered and purposeful content. Keep reading as we chat about what a usual day running TLSE looks like, and how Heidi's steepest learning curves helped her get to where she is today.

[TLSE] What’s the best thing you do day to day?

[Heidi] I love our team meetings where I get to hear about what we are all working across. I get really excited when there is a new brand added to our client list and I love seeing the way everyone works across everything - it makes me super happy and proud.

How does your role vary day to day?

No two days are the same, I could be shooting, meeting clients, managing the team, planning shoots, mood boarding, organising props. No matter what, every day entails connecting with the team across something, and even though there is so much going on I try to stay across as much as I can.

What’s been the steepest learning curve in your role so far?

To trust my own instincts and listen and act on them. They always lead me in the right direction. It's when I second guess or try to justify something that it always comes back to bite me in the ass.

You must feel like you have to wear about one hundred hats - how do you manage switching between them?

I have an awesome team who wear all the hats too. Each member of the team plays a vital part in the business and they are super talented at what they do. I couldn’t do what I do without them stepping in with me. If everyone does what they need to do then we can all focus on doing that the best we can but if one cog is out of place it derails everything.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

Seeing everyone do what they do and do it well. I love seeing a brands vision come together because of the amazing things we all do to get it going or keep it going. We all love what we do and seeing the success of that is such a reward.

Each week we'll be getting the run down from each TLSE team member, so stay tuned to get to know us (and what a day here at TLSE looks like for us) a little better.


WORDS | Britt Ross, Heidi Albertiri



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