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Long weekends are all about gathering with family and friends - getting outside to share meals, fun activities and lazy afternoons in the sunshine. What better way to come together over a generous grazing platter? Imagine the smorgasboard of your wildest dreams - more than just a cheese platter, this is an entire table filled to overflowing with fun, fresh and delicious food to feed a crowd, laid out for easy access and the ability for everyone to make their own food choices - particularly helpful for those with specific dietary requirements.

Here’s what you need...

Plenty of platters


Bring together a collection of your favourites - ceramic and timber in every shape and size. Arrange them all together across the entire table. Consider a long, central timber plank that runs the whole length of the table and build from there.

An abundance of food


A generous selection of cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, wholesome bread and a variety of crackers, nuts, berries and crunchy vegetables. Over-filled bowls of delicious dips, spreads and fruit pastes and a selection of sliced meats and pâtés.

Here are some of our favourite TLSE recipes for some inspo:

Colour and texture


Choose food with the idea of creating a visual feast - imagine how it will look on the boards and include as many different colours as possible:

  • Mix seeded breads and varied crackers with sliced baguettes and breadsticks

  • Choose a range of nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios and place into separate bowls along the display

  • Cut the tops of pineapple and include in your fruit display

  • Be generous with your groupings to create an abundant look

  • Slice fruit open to reveal beautiful centres

Pretty linens, tableware and crockery


Match napkins to the table cloth colour and pile up here with stacks of plates and there within easy reach. Include small sprays of seasonal spring blooms in bud vases. (How gorgeous does L&M Home's floral table linen collection Arabella look?!)

Are you as excited for the long weekend as we are?


WORDS | Diana Moore, TLSE




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